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Don't miss these FREE 30-Minute Webcasts examining the Internet sources students use in their academic papers.

Turnitin recently analyzed over 112 million Internet content matches from 28 million student papers submitted between July 2011 and June 2012. Each web site was identified, reviewed and placed into one of six categories.

Join us for two 30-minute webcasts as we take a critical look at the study findings.

Thursday, January 31

What's Wrong with Wikipedia?
Best Practices for Evaluating Student Sources

Featuring Renee Bangerter, English professor at Saddleback College

We'll have a lively discussion about the connection between student source choices and the development of research and critical thinking skills. Attendees will be eligible to receive a free website evaluation rubric to help students enhance their competencies in evaluating online sources.

Renee Bangerter

Thursday, February 7

Grading the Top 100 Student Sources

Featuring Thom McHugh, Instructor, Century High School
and Shannon Farris, Asst. Professor, St. Leo University

Thom McHugh Shannon Farris

We'll take a look at the top questionable and creditable sites that students frequent and provide suggestions on how to better guide students in conducting appropriate research online.


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