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NEW Professional Development Course

Turnitin Academy Live is a new 10-session course that will lead instructors through a powerful pedagogy for "writing to learn." Each one-hour online class explores practical methods for incorporating the use of Turnitin to encourage original writing and deliver more meaningful feedback, while engaging students in the writing process and streamlining class activities.

Professional Development

The course is taught by Renee Bangerter, an English instructor at Saddleback College, and a Turnitin power user. She has been conducting professional development seminars for Turnitin since 2008.

The course begins on August 28th and meets every Tuesday through the end of October. Can't join us live? No problem, recordings of all classes will be available the following day so you can access them on-demand. Classes can be taken individually or as an entire series for continuing education units (CEUs).

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Tuesday, August 28

Implementation and Promotion for Administrators and Advocates

Introduction to Turnitin's five stage L.E.A.R.N. process for getting you and your faculty prepared and excited to use Turnitin. Topics include how to conduct training and information sessions, track usage and keep instructors up-to-date on new features of the service.

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Tuesday, September 4

Getting Students Started with Turnitin

Examines how Turnitin works from the student perspective. Topics include how to provide an overview and demo of Turnitin to students. Topics include the fundamental functions students will need to get set-up and successfully use Turnitin to support the development of their skills writing skills.

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Tuesday, September 11

Plagiarism Spectrum-Insights into the 10 Types of Unoriginal Work

Examines a recent report published by Turnitin intended to move plagiarism beyond the black-and-white definition of "literary theft" to one that captures the nuances of how plagiarism can take shape in student writing. Topics include how to interpret results from OriginalityCheck.

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Tuesday, September 18

Originality, Plagiarism, and the Web

Examines recent findings about unoriginal content from a Turnitin study. Topics address students' research habits, issues with source integration and intentional versus unintentional plagiarism.

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Tuesday, September 25

Best Practices for Teaching with Turnitin

Provides proven lesson plans, activities, and tips for using Turnitin as a teaching tool to discuss thesis statements, address balancing source materials, introduce proper methods of paraphrase, summarize, and quote, and implement self-reflections.

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Tuesday, October 2

Formative Assessment with Turnitin

Discuss the benefits of formal and informal formative assessment processes. Learn how to use Turnitin to give early feedback to students so they can improve their work from draft-to-draft and paper-to-paper.

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Tuesday, October 9

Developing Critical Thinking Skills with PeerMark

Examines research on the cognitive benefits of peer review and how educators can better engage students' brains to actually improve their ability to think critically. Topics include how to use PeerMark to effectively and efficiently streamline the peer review process.

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Tuesday, October 16

Offering Meaningful Feedback with GradeMark Comments

Learn how to use GradeMark's various commenting features to give students valuable feedback while reducing your overall grading time. Topics include using and creating QuickMark comments, comment bubbles, highlights, text comments, general comments, and voice comments.

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Tuesday, October 23

Faster Easier Grading with GradeMark Rubrics

Design and develop rubrics in GradeMark to give clear and objective feedback on student writing while communicating expectations of how they will be evaluated. Attendees will learn how to choose appropriate criteria and collaboratively build a rubric during the session.

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Tuesday, October 30

Grading with Common Core State Standards Aligned Rubrics

Examines the CCSS-aligned rubrics developed by Turnitin and the Saddleback College English Professional Learning Council. Topics address how rubrics play an integral role in measuring student-learning outcomes that better reflect students' learning.

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