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We've lined up a great series of live webcasts to kick off the new year with insightful perspectives on education, ethics, and engagement. Each webcast is a half-hour and offers a fresh take on hot topics from experts in and around education.

January 16

The Future of Wikipedia in Education

Jake Orlowitz, Editor at Wikipedia

The majority of students find Wikipedia ubiquitous and use it daily in their casual research as well as their academic study. This webcast will explore how Wikipedia can be responsibly integrated into university courses as a touchpoint for thinking about research, digital literacy, and critical thinking about the reliability of information.


January 30

How Instructors Respond to Plagiarism: Survey Findings

Jason Chu, Education Director at Turnitin

How do instructors respond when they encounter plagiarism and how do these responses change if plagiarism continues? Turnitin conducted a survey to find out how instructors are addressing plagiarism in their classes and what impact academic integrity policies and multiple infractions may have in informing instructor response.


February 5

Responding to Student Plagiarism as an Educational Opportunity

Gerald Nelms, Academic Director for Developmental Writing at Wright State University

Investigating cases of student plagiarism must involve more than simply textual evidence of shared discourse and use or misuse of citation conventions. In this webcast, we will explore a heuristic of five questions for analyzing any case of student plagiarism.


February 13

Literacy is Fundamental: Leveraging Critical Reading to Improve Student Writing

Lynn Lampert, California State University Northridge

How has the immediacy, ready access to, and wealth of information online impacted student literacy? Join us for this impactful session with Lynn Lampert as she shares strategies for engaging students in reading critically towards improving their research skills and ultimately their ability to think and write critically.


February 27

Ghostbusting: Getting the Ghostwriter Out of Your Class

Dave Tomar, Author of "The Shadow Scholar: How I Made a Living Helping College Kids Cheat."

How can instructors effectively identify bought papers and guide students away from using these services? Join us for a conversation with a former ghostwriter, Dave Tomar, who will share strategies and approaches for identifying ghostwritten work as well as his insights into how instructors can turn students away from the use of custom essay writing services.


New Login Page

We recently updated the Turnitin.com website, replacing the Sign In fields at the top of each webpage, with a Log In button. Clicking the Log In button will take users to a new login page where they can log in with their email address and password.

By removing the sign in fields from all of our web pages, it allows us to streamline our website and reduce load time. The new login page will also highlight new features, training resources, and helpful tips. Users can bookmark this new login page which will load faster and provide quick links to helpful resources.


Note: This change will not impact users accessing Turnitin via an LMS integration.



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