Office Hours:
Students Share Successful Feedback Tips 

What do students say about the types of feedback they receive? Join us for this special ""office hours," held by students who will share their insights into the approaches, strategies, and technologies that work best for improving their success.

This session features a panel of students and recent graduates from UC Berkeley who will discuss the impact of the types and timing of feedback they receive as well as the feedback they find most meaningful and helpful. This discussion is framed around a study of 1,000 students conducted by Turnitin entitled, "Closing the Gap: What Students Say About Instructor Feedback."

Photo Benjamin VBenjamin VanDerHeyden is a sophomore at UC Berkeley majoring in Mechanical Engineering. He currently teaches a student class on Lord of the Rings and sits on a budget analysis committee that evaluates how effectively non-academic student fees are being used. In the future, Ben is interested in doing alternative energy production and storage research.

Photo Nathan MNathan Malone Nathan Malone is a freshman at UC Berkeley majoring in Business and Economics. He is a graduate of Westmont High School in California where he was the team captain of the tennis team, a teen board member at the local library, and a peer tutor. Additionally, he is involved in several environmental organizations and coaches tennis.

Photo of Kenneth BalibalosKenneth Balibalos is a recent Economics graduate from UC Berkeley. Kenneth has cultivated his passion for education throughout his undergraduate years, pursuing internship opportunities at the Greater Good Science Center, Blackboard, and Turnitin. After graduating, Kenneth was hired as a Marketing Associate at Turnitin where he is now leading a new Educator Spotlight series.

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