Organic Feedback:
Growing through Consistent Adjustments 

So often, feedback is thought of as an assessment done at the end of the program/course with feedback usually on a fixed 1-5 point scale. This kind of feedback leads to stagnant performance and a less exciting teaching/learning experience. Learning---like teaching---is active. Therefore, assessment and feedback should be the same.

This session explores ways to integrate assessment into one's lesson plan in order to grow as an educator and to be a more dynamic instructor. Learn how to utilize feedback effectively and develop skills to make learning a more effective and enjoyable experience.

Photo Stephanie Lewin-HardyStephanie Lewin-Hardy works as an Adjunct Professor with the Psychology Department at Kean University and is also a Professional Development Specialist with The Council for Professional Recognition. Additionally, Stephanie writes, teaches, and consults for Salew People Solutions which offers a variety of Early Care and Education services as well as therapeutic programs to individuals and staff members.

Photo of Kenneth BalibalosKenneth Balibalos is a recent Economics graduate from UC Berkeley. Kenneth has cultivated his passion for education throughout his undergraduate years, pursuing internship opportunities at the Greater Good Science Center, Blackboard, and Turnitin. After graduating, Kenneth was hired as a Marketing Associate at Turnitin where he is now leading a new Educator Spotlight series.

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