Grade Anywhere: Turnitin for iPad

Mobile technology is changing the way instructors provide feedback and evaluate students' written work.

In this webcast we discuss just how the flexibility of grading on an iPad makes evaluating papers faster, more convenient and more comfortable for instructors. We also demonstrate key functionality of Turnitin for iPad and discuss the iPad deployment process.

Photo Nick CarpenterNick Carpenter is a Latin teacher and technology coordinator at
Miramonte High School in California. Nick was a beta-user of the
Turnitin for iPad app and was a relative newcomer to using Turnitin's
grading features with his classes. As the technology coordinator, Nick
also managed the deployment of iPads to all faculty and students at the

Photo Ray HuangRay Huang is the Senior Customer Programs Manager at Turnitin. His focus is on developing programs to ensure customer success. He regularly writes for the Turnitin blog and newsletters, organizes user events, leads social media outreach, and oversees training resources—including Turnitin for iPad training

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30-minute Webcast